Arundel School is a traditionally-based, value-oriented seat of learning. It is a private school catering for girls aged 12 to 18 years in Forms I to UVI, both day-scholars and boarders. The school is a nurturing, protective and compassionate institution superbly geared to deliver an international education programme at the highest competitive levels of competency. The school motto Grace and Learning embodies a set of values for life, geared to provide the girls with a discerning and reliable code by which to steer themselves through the business of life in an increasingly competitive world. Arundel School, as a microcosm of wider society, provides ample proof of the nation’s resilience in the face of hard times. The school and the wider community have not only endured but triumphed. Accomplished young ladies have continued to sally forth into the wide world, brilliantly geared to meet its challenges while flying the Arundel flag. Arundel girls are currently studying on scholarships in the UK, Australia, USA, Canada and world over.

The school itself is set in beautiful surroundings in Mount Pleasant, Harare, Zimbabwe.  From the classrooms and laboratories to the Chapel, boarding houses, sporting fields and facilities, staff housing and workshops, each is an integral part of the Arundel family.  Arundel School has an active, concerned and committed Board of Trustees, representative of a cross-section of the Zimbabwean community, and dedicated to the continuity and development of Arundel. 

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