A pivotal aspect of school life, everybody is welcomed to Arundel Chapel which is located in the centre of the school buildings. The foundation stone was laid in 1971 when the four Biblical Gospels were placed under the main columns of the foundations by representatives of the four main denominations (Anglican, Roman Catholic, Methodist and Presbyterian) embraced in the original school community thus emphasising the inter-denominational aspect of the Chapel. School services are held in the Anglican tradition however individuals are invited from all religions to seek solace and peace. 

A founder member of the school staff, Miss Margaret Raven took responsibility for the daily care of the Chapel and in 1957 formed and trained the first Chapel Choir, specialising in Sacred Music, and affiliated them to the Royal School of Church Music. The Chapel Choir continues this tradition leading liturgical worship at the school.

Morning Chapel 2

The Chapel is much in use today, not only for school services, but as a community service to all who seek its peace and serenity. A former Headmaster described the Arundel community as  being a School within the grounds of a Chapel, a very fitting description!Morning Chapel